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To our dear Horse friends of St. Ludwig,

It is no secret that it is not easy in this day and age to find outstanding dressage horses that meet the highest standards. The internet is overrun by a veritable flood of data. There are a lot of dealers that offer horses that they have no knowledge of.

We therefore try to make the experience of buying a really good horses of any age group a pleasure.

One can find a horse at one of the top auctions, but would then typically pay astronomical prices.

So why not benefit from us and instead of looking on the Internet, us our excellent contacts at St. Ludwig.

Due to our excellent network, we know where we can find the best European dam lines. We know where we can find outstanding horses and we can offer you the best price. Our aim is to match the right horse to the right rider.

We have a very strict selection process in terms of quality of movement, health, character, location and type. And if we do not have the right horse for you in our current collection, we will find it for you through our extensive contacts.

This is our mission! We hope you enjoy it. And do not forget: